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over 7 years ago


Morning y'all!

Had a good powernap? Today 2pm is pitch day - pop-up style! Nothing formal, just plain, simple and no-nonsense 5-min pitches that your grandma would understand!! 

Before we get to that point, please follow these steps closely

  1. ENTER SUBMISSION: Add your Project BEFORE 1:30PM (submission WILL close that very second!) 
  2. SET UP YOUR PITCH: Go to BUILDING 25 to set up pop-up stand!
  3. PITCHES START: The first pitch will start @2:00PM!

--> Every team will get one table which they can use in the way want! For example, you could use a beamer to project your presentation and/or use a laptop to showcase your demo (if you have one!) and/or use the "tabletop easel pad" to explain your concept - whatever makes your pop-up stand out!!



  • 5 minutes + 2 minutes Q&A
  • Keep it short and simple (check this template for your presentation) 
  • Want to create a quick video?? Use this FREE tool for animated videos

--> For the ones that wish to get some quick and clear pointers for their pitch - join us in BUILDING 25 at 10AM

NB. Be clever and bear in mind the CRITERIA mentioned at the bottom of THIS PAGE

Good luck!